Jay Pellizzi is an award-winning sound designer, editor, and mixer serving NYC and LA's video production, advertising and film communities.  He is passionate about crafting sonic content that enhances storytelling for TV, film, digital media and video games.

From recording VO to the final mix, Jay has worked on hundreds of spots for networks like Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, History Channel, TruTV, MTV and A&E.  He’s an expert at sound design and mixing for animation, promo and interstitial content, and has contributed to several Promax Gold winning campaigns. 

In the film world, Jay has filled every role from Supervising Sound Editor to Rerecording Mixer, Foley Artist, ADR Recordist, and Dialog Editor.  He’s completed audio post production on feature films, documentaries, shorts and series that have won accolades at major festivals such as Cannes, Toronto, Austin and Tribeca.

On the web, his work on branded content with Vox Media, VICE, Vsauce, Mic.com, TIME and Esquire/Cosmo has collectively reached hundreds of millions of viewers.  Several projects were Vimeo Staff Picks and Shorts of the Week, or went viral like Hello Flo's Camp Gyno which was featured on major news outlets and ABC's The View.  He's also familiar with interactive audio workflows for video games, apps, and VR/360 and has worked in various roles with game studios such as Irrational Games (Bioshock Infinite), Electronic Arts, and Riot Games.  With the advent of virtual reality technology, Jay is eager to jump into the fray and push the boundaries of immersion through the creative use of sound.

From a young age, Jay would custom build his own PCs to play games and learn code, and was never far away from a piano or a guitar.  In high school, he played upright bass in jazz band and orchestra while gigging as the lead guitarist in a death metal band.  He built a home studio in his basement, and would record friends' bands and local artists.  Seeking a way to combine his love of music with his affinity for technology, he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston and earned a Bachelor of Music specializing in Electronic Production and Design.

After graduation, Jay dove heard first into the NYC advertising and studio world at Oink Creative/Verbatim Studios in Times Square, and worked with clients like AT&T, Staples, Home Depot and Time Warner.  Seeking to expand his skill-set, he moved around the corner to HOThead Studios where he spent several years as a Sound Designer, Mixer and Composer for Viacom networks.  Jay recently moved to sunny LA, and is working out of his own fully equipped Pro Tools HD studio in Hollywood.